Coconut Palm Group: the biggest enterprise to produce natural plant protein soft drinks in China

Coconut Palm Group is a specialized company engaged in deeply processing tropical fruits such as coconuts, one of the ten most powerful companies in the soft drink industry, and the biggest enterprise to produce natural plant protein soft drinks in China.

The predecessor of Coconut Palm Group was Haikou canned factory, founded in 1956,  there are more than 4000 staff and workers nowadays. It mainly produces fruit juice soft drinks, and has the world’s first class production technique with large scale processing automation ability.  The four leading products: “Coconut Palm Brand Natural Coconut Juice”, “Coconut Palm Brand Natural Mineral Water”, “Volcanic Rare Natural Mineral Water” and “Natural Mango Juice”, have become famous so as to be used as soft drinks in the state banquets.  They have served heads of states and VIP politicians from more than 100 states and districts; they have been sold over 30 nations and districts in the world.  “Coconut Palm Brand Coconut Juice” and “Coconut Palm Brand Mineral Water” are both granted the title of “Chinese Famous Brand Products”.  The Group becomes the only company in soft drink industry who has two products awarded the title of Chinese famous brand contemporary.

The 30 years before the economic reform during the planned economy time, Haikou Canned Factory hadpassed a history of frustrations with “brilliant” and setback experiences, tide rising and ebbing; the firm became insolvent in 1985.  Since Director Wang Guangxing came to the factory in 1986,  Coconut Palm, after a series of reform, has built the development path with its own characteristic and formed a special Coconut Palm production and operation management pattern. Its experience has been fully affirmed by the state leaders. Zeng Qinghong, Vice-Chairman of the Country, after hearing the report of Director Wang guangxing of Cocoanut Group, pointed out: "Now, our brands with the independent intellectual property right are few, and Haier, Changhong, TCL are our Chinese famous brands, and ' Cocoanut Palm ' is one too. Cocoanut Palm Group, as beverage enterprise, has lasted for more than ten years; that is not easy; ' Cocoanut Palm Brand ' can be regarded as the famous brand both in Hainan and the whole country too! It must not fall! The goal of Cocoanut Palm Group to make bigger and powerful, should be supported by the departments concerned from the country, the province.Coconut Palm springs up, develops and changes greatly in the reform.  In 21 years’ reform and development, it has created total tax and profit of RMB 2.8 billion. From 1993, its annual tax and profit have exceeded RMB 100 million every year; the group has become the big firm to pay taxes in Haikou City, Hainan province. In 2006, the company realized two increases: achieving the sale amount of 293 thousand tons, with an increase rate by 9.73%, and paying tax of RMB 159 million with an increase rate by 43.94%. The development of Coconut Palm has promoted the development of Hainan tropical fruits planting industry solving the problem of Hainan peasants’ easy to plant coconuts but hard to sell; it has helped 500 thousand Hainan farmers getting rid of the poor and becoming rich, and the living standard of the staff has been greatly improved and they live a comfortable life.

In September 2006, Coconut Palm carried out the system reform, extricated itself from the obstacles of the state enterprise system, and became an enterprise run by the civilian people.  Coconut Palm stands at a new start point and sets up the higher and farther strategies. Organizing the new young leading team, establishing new company’s management structure. under the new management of “three new”policy , Coconut Palm is walking on a new fast developing road.  Everything is flurishing and prosperous. elaboration, restarts an undertaking with wholly new gesture.  Coconut Palm will certainly develope its new plan on the new journey with its excellent management, good products and quality services that are offered as a tribute to millions upon million customers who love Coconut Palm; it will progressively develop to be a huge transregional enterprise with annual production of 1 million tons and annual outcome value of RMB 7 billion. Coconut Palm in the modern enterprise system will make great achievements and greater contribution to the country!